Our Fees

Flat Fee Financial Advisors

At Flat Fee Portfolios we believe investors should understand how much they pay for investment advice.

Fee Schedule

The Investment Management Fee is a fixed quarterly fee on assets up to $1,000,000. The fee does not fluctuate like a fee based on assets under management until the household asset level exceeds $1,000,000. Once the household account value exceeds $1,000,000 the fee structure changes to a traditional AUM pricing model and follows the fee schedule outlined below. The fees are billed quarterly, in advance. The minimum household asset level is $200,000.

For households with managed assets less than $1 million
$799 per quarter - Household minimum of $200,000

For households with managed assets greater than $1 million
Gross Annual Fee as % of Assets      On Assets Above (minimum):     Up to Assets of (maximum):
0.32%                                                 $0                                               $5,000,000
0.30%                                                 >$5,000,000                              $10,000,0000
0.25%                                                 >$10,000,000 

Are these the only fees?
In addition to our management fee, mutual funds and Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) also have their own internal expenses. Additionally, separate transaction costs may be charged by the custodian. Please note that Flat Fee Portfolios does not receive any portion of these additional fees.

Visit our Fee Audit page to see how even a small difference in the fees you pay on your investments can add up over time.